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The Serra Chronicle | Vol.22 №.05

Heralding news from hextricts all over Serra || 1CR



Following last month’s news of four new appointments to the Council of Six’s special team, there was a further announcement of another new starter this month.

The Council of Six has appointed a specialist in Serran working culture and recruitment. It is said the appointee has hit the ground running and is already putting systems in place to make the team more efficient and to make more hires soon.


Another quiet month in terms of announcements coming out of the Council of Six, but we are reliably informed that progress is moving forward.

In a recent testing session, our insiders reported on interacting with Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Crate Unlocking Event. These “phases” are reported to be where crates are deposited in order to randomly queue for unlocking, and then the unlocking itself. Our contacts assure us that the processes will be explained clearly ahead of time and that Serrans will easily know what they need to do.

A snapshot of the tasks in the pipeline.

They were also at pains to point out that no one will miss opening their crates; deposited crates will be unlocked, and not opened. The event was rebranded from Opening to Unlocking a while ago to better reflect this. They also informed us that the queueing mechanism will be something to look out for.

Another note that they wanted us to convey was that the table above is just a snapshot of some of the work tasks they are undertaking, there are many tasks not included in the table. The table is meant to give a flavor of the work underway and a glimpse into what is to come, there is much more going on behind the scenes.



Work continues on the Crate Unlocking Event, and the Council of Six continues to unveil a selection of the tools, weapons, and troops that will be available to competitors in the Grand Tournament.

So far, 20 out of the 34 Units, Attachments, and Powers contained within the Transcendent Set crates have been released in the #card-reveal channel in our Discord.

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