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The Serra Chronicle | Vol.22 №.07

Heralding news from hextricts all over Serra || 1CR

A typical Raxar settlement.


The Council of the Six published detailed information about the Raxar this month. The addition to The Compendium of Serra came alongside a press release stating that the Council of the Six wants to bring the Factions closer together in defense of the planet. One tool they want to use to do this is information.

By publishing information about every Faction on Serra, the aim is to help all Serrans learn about their fellow Serrans and increase understanding, empathy, and unity in the face of this terrible threat.

Grachech, our esteemed Editor-in-chief, is Raxar.

Many commentators on the Grand Tournament believe that to become the Sage of Serra, detailed knowledge of each Faction and its constituents will be necessary.


The Council of the Six has added another specialist in Serran working culture and recruitment. The appointee has had a productive start and is already putting systems in place to support the team and make more hires soon.


In light of the recent specialist hires, the Council of the Six is looking to further expand the special team working on the Grand Tournament.

There are eight vacant positions that need to be filled. Even though the higher-ups are expecting a lot of competition for these roles they have briefed us that applicants shouldn’t be disheartened as everyone has their own unique superpowers, just make sure you get your application in early.


This month the Council of the Six has given various briefings about security to Serrans in the Discord community. A very small percentage of Serrans had fallen foul to a crafty identity thief who has taken their crates. The thief used data stolen from other projects to break into these Serrans’ accounts and move the crates out. None of the Council of the Six’s databases or systems have been breached and are secure.

This event has led to all Serrans having to re-verify their accounts the next time they log in as a security feature, you can read more here. It is a reminder that the Council of the Six should remain vigilant and all Serrans need to review their personal security practices. A spokesperson gave us this statement:

“The Council of the Six and Serrans should work together when it comes to security. The Council of the Six have implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and will continue to educate and facilitate good security practices on Serra. While Serrans should use secure software to generate and store complex passwords safely. All Serrans should activate their 2FA, and should contact us if they have any questions or doubts.”

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