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The Serra Chronicle | Vol.22 №.08

Heralding news from hextricts all over Serra || 1CR


The Council of the Six was delighted to welcome three special Serrans into the fold this month. These community members are taking up voluntary roles as Elders to help as many Serrans as they can.

KingRetsel, REYFUZS, and Benzebu have been positive, helpful, and friendly members of the Discord community for a long time now and are more than happy to answer any questions that other Serrans may have. They will also help the Council of the Six by providing feedback and ideas from behind the scenes when they can. Of course, these Serrans also fulfill another important role in keeping other Serrans safe during trades.


This cute Keevling greeting us a good morning was created by a very talented Serran called Soteleon. The Council of the Six found it hard going in the judging of the emoji competition but finally decided on the winners who will receive five Base Set and five Transcendent Set crates, and a Bagni wearable. To see all the winners head over to the Discord community.


Our sources inside the Council of the Six have let slip that work is definitely underway on an official marketplace for Serrans to trade their crates, Champions Tools, and other assets in the future.

This feature is hotly anticipated by Serrans who don’t like the high fees and restrictions of other marketplaces. We will dig deeper, Serrans, and see what more we can uncover about this.


EDITOR’S VIEW: Grachech, Editor-in-chief

Grachech, Editor-in-chief.

This month our contacts didn’t provide us with the usual snapshot table. They were strangely silent on this matter, in fact. We are not sure what this means; whether there are no updates because it is almost finished, or if they haven’t made any progress.

My best guess is that there is no table because the tasks are complete and everything has been implemented. This leads me to suspect that there is no snapshot table because they have now entered a final testing and bug-hunting schedule.

Despite being famed for our journalistic rigor and independence, we also believe in the Council of the Six and so are more inclined to take the lack of a snapshot table in a positive light: the Council of the Six has presided over a glorious epoch in Serran history and we trust them to deliver.

We will keep pushing our contacts for more information. In the meantime, Serrans, stay patient for I can sniff something is coming.

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