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Through their role in the administrative life of Serra, the Virtuals wanted to sponsor a new munitions crate type. With the progress of The Preparations so far, particularly the rollout of the prototype Personal Command Modules, the Council of the Six wanted to introduce these new crates to Serrans before we embark on the next stage of The Preparations and even begin the Grand Tournament itself.

The same as the other crates, these crates will also contain six Holographic Data Cards. More information about what else is involved with these Virtuals crates is available here.

All proceeds from the purchase of munitions crates go into preparing for the Grand Tournament, the defense effort, and the ultimate survival of Serra.


All Serrans that haven’t should log in to their Grand Tournament portal, go to their Inventory, and make sure their crates are up to date. If the Daily Fame counter is showing a number, everything is correct.

Various Serrans are making a name for themselves and getting Fame-ous through their generous support for The Preparations. In the future, however, Serrans will become Fame-ous by competing in the Grand Tournament. This will allow any Serran with skill and dedication to become Fame-ous.

In addition, the Fame system has seen a slight change with the advent of the new crates. There is more information on that here and here.

The most Fame-ous Serrans, so far…


Another two new team members have joined the specially commissioned unit inside the Council of the Six. With that, we have been reliably informed that the Council of the Six has finished recruiting for the foreseeable future.

Our contacts inform us that these additions to the team will be working to raise awareness further of the importance of the Grand Tournament. Most on Serra are aware of the Grand Tournament, but the Council of the Six wants to encourage more Champions to sign up to compete. To have the best chance of defending ourselves, Serra needs as many Serrans to enlist as possible. The Sage of Serra could be anyone on Serra.

We can expect these specialist recruiters to start making waves soon with marketing and recruiting campaigns and initiatives.

Clockwise from the top left: bolinha, sleep, summerflame, & summerflame.


by Grachech, Editor-in-chief.

We finished judging the meme competition; you can see the winners above. The voting was rigorous. It was done blind through two rounds of voting. We ended up with three winners, @bolinha#2356 and @sleep#8945 in the general category, and @summerflame#1375 won with two entries in the wen category.

Running this competition was really fun, so I hope we’ll do it again soon.

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