The World of Serra

Marcel Danz
May 6 · 5 min read
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Inside one of the arena domes on Serra, created by nanobots.


First, we have the Natives represented by all the highly intelligent and sentient flora and fauna of Serra. Most of the members of this faction strive to survive, reproduce, and express themself at the end of the day. They are often found to band together in clans or families. This seems to be a remnant from times past when groups had a higher chance of survival. Their biological brains calculate such irrational decisions sometimes.

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Chisaku, Highborn


The opposite of the Natives might be the Mechs. A faction of machines and robots. They are the heavy lifters on Serra. Be it mining, production, or construction. Their artificial brains have a limited amount of intelligence and no sense of creativity. Their main urge is to do the work they are constructed for and preserve themself. Governmental meetings with them take very long because they are slow to calculate decisions in the complex social matters discussed there. Some of the Mechs are very old. Even dating back to the age before the Schism. They produce new versions of themself in factories, to fight the constant corrosion gnawing on their mechanical bodies.

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REC-1-853: Behemoth (Resouce Extraction Construct)


Advances in technology created a vast new digital world on Serra and shifted parts of the society to this cyberspace. A place home to the faction of the Virtuals. Advanced artificial intelligence worshiping data, statistics, and growing their archives. Most of them form networks of knowledge and calculation — hive brains. Some of them date back before the Schism and were created by the Muted. They are very far looking and have their own grand scheme for Serra’s future. They strive for peace, balance, and prosperity of the majority.

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Gorgias, the Nihilist


Over time these factions mingled with each other and cross-bread factions emerged. One of them is the Cyborgs. Natives started alternating and enhancing their biological bodies with robotic and cybernetic parts. They show mostly similar behaviors and urges as the Natives, often their biological brain seems to have taken damage from the high degree of body alteration. They seem to lose their sense of self-preservation. This leads to them indulging in reckless actions and reacting very strongly to provocations.

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Bagni, the Triggered


At least Cyborgs don’t temper directly with their brains. Not in such ways as the Transcendends who enhanced and changed their biological brains with cybernetic implants and artificial intelligence. Letting them walk between the virtual and the physical world, and utilizing more of their biological brain’s capacity. Some of them even developed telepathic powers, controlling the minds of other beings and telekinesis. The Transcendent are very secretive and rather prefer to be alone. Their abilities make them awed and feared at the same time by the other factions. A group of the Transcendent started to believe in the “Source”, the code, and patterns building the fabric of this very universe. They turned to the Source and formed a religion around it. The Virtuals were near to curing Serra of religions in this age of enlightenment and now this had to happen.

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Fear Eater

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