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What might Synergy of Serra look like?

Let’s take a closer look at the teaser trailer and what it means.

Our vision for the game

  1. The prototype game client (Proto-Alpha)
  2. The launch game client (Closed Alpha)



  • Players choose what cards they bring to the game. Both their cards are put together in a single, unified card pool we currently call the river.
  • Both players then access the same cards in the river to build their deck during the game.
  • Sharing all the cards like this negates some advantages that might be gained through pay-to-win tactics, therefore, creating a skill-to-win environment.

Craft Faction synergies

  • All cards can interact with all other cards leading to endless possibilities.
  • Mix and combine Factions or concentrate on one Faction.
  • However, certain cards will synergize better with others, so you will need to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Equip your Units

  • Use Attachments to develop your Units.
  • Use Powers to intensify your strategy.
  • Discovering the combos and synergies that fit your plan will be key.

Reuse your cards

  • When a Unit dies, it cycles through your in-game deck and back into your hand.
  • Importantly, if you boosted a Unit with any Attachments, they will remain attached.
  • Some Units even grow in strength the more you use them.

Gather your forces & dominate the arena

  • Build your deck from the river to collect Faction Points
  • Level up and Enhance your Units when different Faction Point thresholds are reached.
  • Enhanced Units will gain bonuses or new traits and become more powerful.

Seven stages of game development

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