Introducing Calyx: BioInspira’s New Name and Branding

Vickie Liao
May 31, 2019 · 3 min read
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The new Calyx logo!

When we started BioInspira a few years ago, we knew that our technology and approach could have real impact. We’ve grown a lot since then, and we needed to find a way to capture that in a brand that matched our growth. After hours of ideation and exploration, we are excited to announce that BioInspira’s new name is (drumroll….) Calyx!

Why Now?

This rebrand comes at a critical time in our rise as a company. Calyx is currently accelerating out of stealth R&D mode, and ramping up to our commercial product launch phase. We cannot wait to show you just how powerful our technology is. We are thrilled to have refreshed messaging and visuals to support this unique stage in our company’s progress. Our new website will be launching soon, too!

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Our new Calyx thumbnail above, and tagline below

What Inspired Our Rebrand?

We feel that our old name couldn’t really keep up with our ever-growing ambition. The “Bio” root of our first name was often a bit confusing and associated with the medical industry, so we sought a company name that was clear and easy to pronounce. BioInspira had focused on where we started out, and on our core sensing biomaterial. Calyx is a name that aligns more with our broader vision; as a service and solution provider. It’s a name that will stick with us long into the future.

How Did We Decide on “Calyx?”

The reality is naming is hard. Like naming a child or a pet, coming up with a new word to represent your work is a challenge. The team collaborated to explore a variety of naming options, ranging from futuristic sounding new words to more literal Phage-inspired brands. We even brainstormed ideas from organic earth matter to space!

In the end, it was Calyx, a biology term rooted in flora that resonated with us. Flowers both mirror our team vision of growth, and resonate with our aroma library building mission. Calyx is the part of the flower that covers and protects the petal as it develops. This is essentially what we aim to do through our work. Calyx, to us, represents finesse, quality, aroma, biology, DNA — many of the same key tenants as our vision. We will collaborate with our customers to ensure safety, optimize product quality, and enhance business performance. We want to help our community to reach their highest potential.

At Calyx, we are proud to deliver smart and customizable solutions, inspired from biology, to improve the quality of human life as we evolve.

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Logo Mosaic for our booth at the Sensor Expo in San Jose

What Does This Mean Moving Forward?

It means you’re about to see a lot of exciting developments coming out of the Calyx team. It means that we’re bigger, stronger and more technologically advanced than ever. We hope to tell you more at the San Jose Sensor Expo in June, and we have plenty of announcements in store before then. Thank you for believing in the BioInspira vision thus far. We’re confident you’ll like where Calyx is headed next…

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