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Cambiatus | Release V1.12

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It was faster than we thought! Our team of developers ran 🏃‍♂️ and we’re back with more news after Release V1.11.

User search is here! 🕵️‍♀️

Now you can query for actions, products and now users! This has all kinds of reverberations like being easy to find a friend and also to spot duplicate accounts.

Public profile

Users can now check their own profile for extended info about their activities in the app: transfer list, number of transfers, number of claims, number of products on the shop, member since and last transfer date.

Administrators can check the activities of all users in the community. Users will see their own data, but admins can see data for all community members.

New transfers list

  • New transfers list layout;
  • It's now possible to filter by: date, by direction (if you are receiving or sending a transfer) and by the other party (depending on the direction);
  • We implement infinite scroll, no need to click on “Load more”, now we do that automatically as you scroll down the list of transfers;
  • Improved date formatting, now you will see stuff like “Today”, “Yesterday”, “1 month ago” and similar text;

It is important to remember that: The transfer list is for each community. This means that the information on the transfer listing is only for the community the person is currently logged into. You will have to change communities to check the transactions that took place in each of them.

More news✨:

  • Display balance while transferring. Now its easier to know how many currency do you have when you are doing a normal transfer;
  • We added South Africa as a supported country for contact information. This means that if you have a South African phone number, you can add it to your contact options;
  • We dropped the character limit for some of the text inputs on the app. You can now use more than 256 characters on: objective description, action description, community description, product description, and action photo proof instructions (that is displayed during claims with photos);
  • We validate the available balance before submitting the transaction to the blockchain during a transaction between community members. If the user does not have enough balance to send the transfer, he will see an error message instantly instead of waiting for the blockchain error response. Also, with this validation, we have a more descriptive error. We can say “You don’t have enough balance” instead of “Something went wrong”.

Remember that we use EOSIO blockchain technology, which offers decentralization, transparency and security in data transmission. This technology allows secure direct exchanges, whether with information or money, with other people without depending on third parties or a centralized institution.

We recommend this article from our friends at EOS Costa Rica (ES) to learn more about EOSIO.

We’ll be back soon with more news. Stay tunned 👀



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