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Cambiatus | Version v1.10

Release en Español| Release em Português

This semester has been very exciting for those who collaborate in Cambiatus. We are delivering a new webapp version v1.10, with new screens and improvements aimed at community managers and members.

In support to these organizations, the objective of version 1.10 is to offer greater flexibility, autonomy and improve usability more than ever!

Here is a list of all new functionalities that were made with care by our team members.

A place for you

That’s it! Now communities will have their own place within Cambiatus. For that purpose we have offered personalization through the editing screen, where managers may edit/manage different information related to the community, for example:

Cover photo: you can add a photo of your choice to be shown on the home page.

Community website: you can also add a link to the community website. This link will be presented as a button (orange button as shown in the following image) that will direct users to the registry website.

Your own URL under the domain: One of the greatest innovations is allowing each community to have autonomy to configure and use their subdomain. Do you know what this means? It means that each community may configure and create their subdomain and change it when necessary. For example, Muda community is called (its domain is comunidademuda), but for some reason they would prefer to be called simply, in this case the managers can access the editing screen where they can make the change easily and quickly.

Automatic invitation: possibility to configure an automatic invitation. In this case, communities may opt for allowing new people to join publicly or by invitation only.

In the following illustration we show you the step-by-step for all these improvements (only visible to community managers):

Step by step of the new functionalities in the editing screen

1 . Click “edit” on the “Community Infos” card. This page contains all the community information.
2. It contains the field to add the website and photo of the community and right under, it contains a field to create/edit the community URL. It also contains information about how to personalize it.
3. In this option you can enable or disable access to the community through the invitation.

Final photo of how the home screen will look after editing.

1. Home screen with cover photo and the option of automatic invitation active.
2. Home screen with cover photo, link to website and automatic invitation option inactive.

Currency details: Now managers can edit/view details of the currency and may choose expiration options.

Currency editing.

1. Click on “edit” at the “Currency” card. This page contains all information related to the community Currency.
2. In this field, managers can stipulate the minimum balance, which is the minimum balance an account can have, and the maximum supply, which is the maximum amount of currency that a community generates. Next, you may choose the type of currency expiry options.

A touch of autonomy

It is important to grant managers with autonomy to make decisions about the operation of some actions within the webapp, and with this in mind we are launching the following improvements:

Define an objective as complete: you can mark objectives as “complete”. It is that simple! See for yourself…

Step by step on how to mark an objective as “Complete”

1. Click “edit” on the “Objectives and actions” card. This page is designated for all the information about the community’s actions and objectives.
2. Click “Edit objective”.
3. Click on “Mark as complete”.
4. A pop-up window will emerge, warning that marking the objective as complete cannot be undone and that actions of this objective will no longer be available for their analysis. It requires confirmation that you really want to mark this objective as complete. If this is the intention, then click “Yes”.
5. Objective marked as complete.

Improvements on Claims: we added an “action complete” label directly on the claims page to improve transparency for validators. And we added a new status of “voting blocked” on the Claims page, coherent with the action status.

1. New status of “voting blocked” on the Claims page.
2. “Action complete” label on the Claims page

Also a new order button has been added to the field “Actions analysis”. In this way, you may order by the newest or oldest action. You may also choose by status, being approved, rejected, under analysis, and all of the above.

Actions analysis screen with button to order and status type

1. Button to order actions.
2. Status type, which may be approved, rejected, under analysis and all of the above.

Small details that make a difference.

In this launch we are also bringing improvements for end users, that is, for those who participate in communities that use the webapp.

In this new version you can swipe community using a selector. In this way, whoever is on the Muda community page, may enter the community page for Verdes using a community selector.

We improved feedback messages, because on smaller devices the error message was not visible, as on the community or login screens.

We redirected to the home screen after making a claim. In this way, every time a user makes a claim and the claim is completed successfully, they will be redirected to the app’s home screen.

We have also optimized the animated gif that appears when loading the page, giving more agility to the loading of the screen and improving the user experience on the webapp.

1. Community selector
2. Animated gif optimization
3. Feedback message

The profile now has a mini-modal that shows a user profile preview with quick links to their contact information, facilitating communication. We have also added support for more countries enabling them to add contact numbers for different countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada).

1. Minimodal that shows contact information.
2. Contact selector (Whatsapp) allows you to add numbers of more countries

Also, a correction was made to the back button and we improved the typography on the claims page, making it easier to read and improving the managers’ and users’ experiences on the webapp.

All of these improvements were made in co-creation with the communities that belong to the Cambiatus ecosystem. We hope these communities can use the platform in a more fluid and autonomous way, achieving their common objectives, increasing their financial resilience and improving the wellbeing of all its members.



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