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News, Authentication, Standardized Forms and more!

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This release includes information about news notifications, standardized forms, new authentications and much more.

Publishing one release is fine, but publishing one after the other is even better!

We have just published the v1.14 Release which brings amazing news — then don’t forget to check it out — and in the same spirit we are publishing this one which brings new tools to provide greater integration and communication between community members, as well as improve the user experience with new accessibility, security and usage permissions updates. And of course, we couldn’t leave out a special touch, check it out at the end of this reading.

1. News!

After a long time working on this, the News feature is finally here! At Cambiatus we aim to connect more and more people and this is an important step towards that mission.

News allows community admins to keep in touch with their users, customize their announcements through rich text and links. And people who receive this news can interact with them through reactions using emojis.

1- Home screen with new news notification bar | 2- News content and emoji reactions

After a new communication is broadcast, users who have not read it yet, they will see this new banner on their panel. Clicking on it will allow them to see all the text and react too.

Communities can now post and share announcements and other content with their communities, they will see this in the app and in their email as long as they set their preferences.

2. Emails

This release also marks the new e-mails shooting. As you can see in the News tutorial, the “monthly summary” is an extra feature that will keep users updated on news/announcements that have been released in the community app by sending them an email once a month

E-mail with the summary of the news, and the option of preference if the person no longer wants to receive it

Emails are translated into the same languages ​​that we support in the app. The user has the option to deactivate it if they no longer want to receive emails (we value your preferences).

It is important to know that all communication, through emails, are disabled by default for now. And it is up to the user to enable notification options on their profile page.

Profile page with options for transfer notifications, claim notifications and the new monthly news summary

We’ve also improved user preferences so they can opt out of receiving email notifications from us. The preference allows them to choose whether to receive transfer notifications, claim notifications, and the new monthly news digest, with the latest community news from the previous month.

3. Improved accessibility and standardized forms

Our developer @Henrique Buss has worked hard to make our forms standardized, accessible and well documented. Our future thanks you 🙌

First a brief explanation:

What are forms?
Forms are present on the website or application with the function of receiving some information about the user, either through text or numbers. Ex: that box where you write your name, login, password; or select an option.

Now all form entries are standardized and have proper documentation for reference.

We had a long-running issue with poor accessibility in the app, with different designs for form elements depending on the page — older pages like the “Buy” form in the store used colors, fonts and formats that were difficult to read and understand, and thus, accessibility. As well as this, other problems are being solved day after day with constant improvements being developed by our team. 💪

Learn more about our standardization on our Elm Book component pages.

5. New authentication

We are a blockchain application, which allows all asset-related information and data to be securely protected by our EOSIO protocols. But we also have a GraphQL API that communities can use to automate and query their data more easily.

This release includes an important change to our API access. We reworked the way authentication works and all data is now in owner scope. Users can now only see public information and their own private data. This affects data mutations as well.

Cambiatus is now safer than ever 🔒✨

7. The inner workings of roles and permissions.

This update is very important so that the community can take some action (for example, temporary blocking of users) in relation to people who use the platform for bad practices and that go against the Guidelines and community code of conduct.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg as we still have a lot of possibilities with roles and permissions. We will continue with the improvements 🏃‍♂️

Our special touch

Celebrate by completing objectives 🎉

Completing an objective means that the community is really working towards their goals, which is why we wanted to give this achievement a little more personality and a touch of celebration, so we’ve added a new screen for that!

Animation with the celebration of a completed objective.

Now we present a commemorative modal for the occasion.

Don’t be curious, go to your community and start celebrating your achievements with us to check out this new screen.✨

Until the next release, sure it won’t be long. Stay tunned! 👀



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