Step by step | Access to the Natus System with your Cambiatus account

In this step by step you will learn how to register and login using the Natus System application.

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If you already have an account registered with Cambiatus, whether in the Muda community or in the Verdes community, you can use your access key — the 12 words — to access the Natus System application without having to do a new registration. That’s right. Just use the 12 words you already have from your account in the Verdes or Muda community and log in to
See how easy it is:


1. Go to and click “Sign in” to login.

2. Enter your email and click “continue’’.

3. An access link will be sent to the email that was entered in the previous step. Check your email and spam box.

4. After checking your email inbox, open the email from Natus and click on “access my account”.

5. You will be directed to the webapp where you will enter the 12 words you saved when you created your Muda or Verdes account. After entering the 12 words click on “continue”.

obs.: Check in ​​your mobile or desktop download area if the PDF file of the 12 words was saved in it.

7. Congratulations! after completing the previous step you will have access to the Natus System homepage✨

If by chance you have an old account on Cambiatus and you don’t have the 12 words, or if you don’t have any registered account yet, we suggest that you make a new account on following the Step by step| Access to the Natus System 😉👍



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