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Understand how goals and actions work within communities.

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This tutorial is intended to explain the objectives and actions of communities, how they are created, modified, and established by admin people, and how community members (people who use the application) can access the communities, claim rewards, and earn their own community complementary currency.

So let’s start with the basics.

1 . Objectives | 2 . Action on the objective

What are objectives?

The objective is what motivates the community. Every community during its creation process (co-design) defines its objectives and creates actions to achieve those objectives. It is essential that the objectives are aligned with the values ​​of the community and the challenges they want to face.

In line with these values, the objective is also primarily responsible for the amount of complementary currency circulating within the community.

The complementary currency is created from the objectives, and the amount available is proportional to the community’s engagement, that is, the more community members are engaged in performing the actions, the more complementary currency will be generated. It means that the amount of currency available is related to the extent of people’s attitude towards good deeds.

“Communities around the world face major challenges every day: to improve the quality of life of its members, positively impact the environment or achieve financial resilience even in times of crisis. All communities have objectives to achieve, and sometimes find it very difficult to align the interests and energy of their members so that they can collaborate and together achieve these objectives.” — As Karla Córdoba, Co-founder of Cambiatus, says in Reaching the objectives of your community with Cambiatus”(content in spanish).

What are actions?

If the objective is what motivates the community, as we said before, action is the engine that will drive this objective.

After creating the objective, actions are defined for each objective. These actions will be performed by community members who, in turn, will be rewarded with complementary currency.

For a community member to earn the complementary currency, they must first perform the action and only then claim the reward in the app.

When a community member claims an action, it is sent to a group of validators. Once the action is approved, the member is rewarded with complementary currency.

In other words, in addition to actions being responsible for the completion and success of the objective, it is through these actions that community members get their complementary currencies, and good deeds are sown around the world.

How are actions approved?

For each action, the community decides whether verification will be automatic or manual.

An example of automatic verification is inviting new members using the referral link.

When a member shares the access link and another member enters Cambiatus using it, the verification of inviting new members was performed automatically by the platform, rewarding those who invited and those who entered through the link without the need for other members verification.

In manual validation, the community selects verifiers for specific actions, such as planting a tree. When performing this action, the member will be able to take photographic proof of the tree planting, and the verifiers will evaluate whether the claimed action was completed or not. In this case, we rely on community members to assess whether new currency must be created and allocated to the member who claimed the action.

Screen for verifiers to decide their vote. It contains the verifiers accountable for validating this action, their respective votes, and the photographic evidence.

It is important to note that verifier members also receive rewards for verifying actions.

IMPORTANT: The option to create and complete objectives and actions is only available to people who manage the community when logged in using their community’s admin user.

Now, let’s talk about how the community’s people can create, edit, and complete objectives and actions.

How to create objectives?

1 . Dashboard| 2. Community Edit Screen | 3 . Objectives and Actions Screen | 4. Creating new objective | 5. Objective created

Objectives are created only by admin users. For admin users to create an objective, they must:

1. Enter the community settings screen (gear on the right corner of the home page — visible only to admins);

2. Click on the “Edit” button in the Objectives and Actions section;

3. Click on the “Create new objective” button. Note that below this button are the previously created objectives;

4. In this field, describe the objective you want to achieve and click on “Save”;

5. Ready! The objective has been created, and it will now appear alongside the previously created objectives.

How to create actions?

1. Objectives and Actions Screen | 2. Creating an action | 3. Customizing the action

After creating the objectives, actions can be created. To create an action, you must:

1 . Select the objective (by clicking on its title) and click on “Create action”;

2 . In the “Description” field, describe the action and how it should be performed.

- The “Reward” field defines how much will be the reward that the community member will earn for performing this action.

- In the field “Type of validation” you will have the option to activate or not the validity of this action. If you choose to disable validity, the action will remain active until deleted.

3 . If you choose to enable action validation, you can choose between setting a date for the action to be completed automatically or establishing a maximum number of people who will claim (perform) this action.

Ex: The action of “Garbage collection on Iracema beach” must be carried out by a maximum of 50 people. When 50 people claim this action, it will no longer be available for claim.

4; 4.1 Customizing the action | 5. Saving the action | 6. Action created

4 . After choosing the validation of the action, you will be able to define how the “Type of approval” will be, which can be:

Automatic: Please get in touch with us to configure this option. It requires connecting an external application with Cambiatus via API.

Manual: being submitted for analysis to community validators. This way, the community member only earns the reward after approval by other community members.

You must choose at least three community members as validators to review the claims. After selecting these people, you must decide how many votes this action must receive to be approved or disapproved. Note that the options are odd numbers, so there is no tie.

Remembering that the member who claimed the action will only receive their reward if their claim is approved.

5 . Well… and why not rewarding those who will be responsible for doing this analysis? With that in mind, you can define the reward that each verifier will earn for analyzing the claim.

Last but not least, in manually verified actions, you can activate or not the “Photo validation” option. When a user makes a claim and this option is enabled, evidence will be requested, such as a PDF or an image. Validators can review this evidence and decide their vote accordingly.

Now click on “Create”, and you’re done! Your action has been successfully created.

6 . The action you just created will appear inside the objective.

And don’t worry, if you need to go back to change some information, you can click “Edit” to make the change you want.

How to complete/archive objectives?

1. Home screen | 2 . Community Edit Screen | 3 . Objectives and Actions Screen| 4 . Editing the objective

To complete/file an objective, the admin user must:

1. Enter the community settings screen (gear on the right corner of the home page — visible to admins only)

2. Click on “Edit” from the “Objectives and Actions” section

3. Select the objective you want to edit by clicking its title.

4. By doing this, the option for “Edit objective” and another for “Create new action” will appear. Select the option “Edit objective.”

5. Mark the objective as complete | 6. Confirmation modal | 7. Objective completed

5. Click on “Mark as Complete”;

6. A confirmation modal will open up informing you that marking the goal as complete cannot be undone. Those objective’s actions will no longer be available for community members to claim. In that same pop-up, you will have the option to confirm if you really want to mark this objective as complete or not — options “yes” or “no”;

7. If you confirm and complete this objective, it will receive a green tag with the information “completed” and cannot be edited and changed later.

How to complete/archive actions?

1. Community Edit Screen | 2. Action Editing | 3. Marking completed | 4. Site Modal | 5. Action completed

To complete/archive action is very simple. The community admin user must:

1. Access the “Objectives and Actions” section following the step-by-step instructions given in the previous topic (gear in the right corner of the home page);

2. Open the objective, choose the action you want to edit, and click on “Edit Action”;

3. Click on “Mark as Complete”;

4. A confirmation pop-up will appear informing you that marking the action as complete cannot be undone, and you will have the option to confirm whether you want to mark this action as done or not — “yes” or “no” options;

5. If you confirm and complete this action, it will receive a green tag with the information “completed” and cannot be edited and changed later.

Now, we’ll talk about how community members can find the objectives and actions in the webapp.

How to find the goals and actions of a community?

1. Dashboard screen | 2–3. Objectives and Actions Screen

You will find the objectives and, consequently, the community’s actions by clicking on “How to earn [your currency name]” located on the dashboard.

The objectives and actions are located within this context, as it is through carrying out the actions that members acquire the complementary currency of the community.

How to claim (perform) actions?

1. Screen objectives and actions | 2. Confirmation mode | 2*. Photo proof | 3. Claim completed

For a person using the application to claim an action and earn their reward in complementary currency, the person must first perform the action, and only after that the person must claim it in the application by following the steps:

1. Click on the objective, choose the action you want to perform, and click on “Claim”;

2. Confirm by clicking “Yes, claim”;

2*. If it is an action that requires proof with photo, you must take or upload an image to finalize your claim and click on “Send photo”.

There are cases where this option is not mandatory, and you should just click on “Yes, claim” to complete the process.

3. Your claim has successfully been completed.

How to view claimed actions?

1. Dashboard | 2. My claims | 3. Details screen

If you are using the app and have just claimed an action, find it out by clicking on “My claims” on the dashboard. By clicking on “More Details” you will have access to all information about your claim.

By the end of this tutorial, we hope to have informed you clearly and concisely about the communities’ objectives and actions.

This entire creation process is done collaboratively and is constantly evolving.

If you have any suggestions or if something isn’t clear enough, drop a comment on this post.



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