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Camden Imagines

Introducing the Programme Participants

Here we share the biographies and photographs of the 32 council officers taking part in the 8–week Imagination Activism programme at Camden Council. The 32 officers have come from across the council, majority are frontline staff with some from corporate services.

Imagination Activists of Camden

Abdilatif Shidane

Neelam Kumar

Lioko Mabika

Tracy Aware

Philip Barrett

Ian Gilson

Elita Johns

Natalie Curd

Alison Morris

Ali Alsaraf

Liam Hall

Jane Murphy

Martin Cuba Cote-Riopo

Maybel Houston

Rozita Leetham

Emma Le Blanc

Charlotte Spindler

Philip Davies

Sue Sheehan

Ginni Smedley

Wahidur Rahman (CSP)

Sue Hogarth

Sofia Oliveira

Frances Evans

Tim Rising

Lisa Tang

Kirsty Dutton

Stephan von Schilling

And also: Helen Long, Ododo Dafe, Nicola Monks, Abdilatif Shidane, Hafid Ali



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