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Camden Imagines: a Collective Imagination Training for Council Officers

Incredibly, unbelievably excited that Moral Imaginations has launched an Imagination Activism programme with Camden Council. We are training council officers in Camden the skills of collective imagination and horizontal leadership to become agents of change of Camden.

These council officers and public servants work tirelessly every day to make things better for Camden residents in the borough. We believe there is huge imagination capacity in Camden to be unlocked, platformed and supported, and these council officers will be able to meet that.

Follow along for updates from the course, including meeting our participants, on the Camden Imagines blog. This project is about building imagination capacity in Camden, and partnering to embed imagination into how things work in Camden. Follow along this blog to read updates from Camden Imagines participants and insights from what we do and where we end up going.

The world’s first training in collective imagination practice and methodology, and it’s happening with civil servants, rather than tech giants. This is imagination justice in action — it’s not just what we imagine, but who gets to imagine.

This programme is about doing, not theory — it’s about practice. We’re going on an adventure together as a cohort for 8 weeks, and the result will be imagination activism — actions, projects and creations that can benefit all beings — future generations, nature and all people.

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The Camden Imagines publication showcases the ideas and updates of the Camden Imagines Project from the project team, collaborators, Camden Council staff and Camden residents on all things imagination, community power, public policy and public value.

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