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One of the posters our 32 participants received in the post preparing them for their 8-week training

Weeknote 1 — Launching

Each week we will publish an update of progress, updates and what we are noticing in the Camden Imagination Activism programme — a training to build imagination capacity and practice with council officers and in the borough of Camden. Welcome to our first Weeknote.

  • What are we hearing from the participants? We will share some quotes with you!
  • What has been happening in the wider Camden Imagines project?

What has happened in the Camden Imagines programme this week?

Participants were fully onboarded on to the programme with inspiring
words of welcome from Jo Brown, director of people and inclusion and welcomes from Phoebe and the Moral Imaginations facilitation team.

What did participants receive in their onboarding packs?

Each of the 32 participants have received their own personal onboarding pack, complete with a journal for the duration of the course, pens, pencils and a set of posters for them to create their Imagination space, at work and at home, and their welcome letter. You can see some of the posters below. They feature quotes from some of our favourite Imagination Activists, like Arundhati Roy and the late David Graeber.

Imagination Activists onboarding pack

What are we hearing from the participants?

Participants are very excited about the opportunity to bring creativity into their work.

“Impossible is nothing”
“What excites me most is the permission for creativity!”
“I’m excited by the fact there are so many people from all corners willing to make a change”
“Feels like a huge opportunity”
“Excitement at the idea that we will not change anything with an old mindset”

What has been happening in the wider Camden Imagines movement?

Phoebe had great conversations with Jenny and Gillian and they talked about ways imagination could become embedded into the way things work at Camden, both inside the organisation and in the work with residents.

Next up

We will introduce our brilliant cohort of Camden Imagination Activists.



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