Introducing… Click & Collect

Air quality is one of the most pressing issues facing London today. In fact, The Evening Standard today reported that two out of three workers in London would leave the city to escape the toxic air. With our close proximity to Euston Road, one of the most polluted roads in Europe, Camden Town Unlimited looks for projects that could help to mitigate the effects of poor air quality.

By now, you may be used to wading through a mountain of Amazon and Asos packages engulfing the reception of your office in the morning. Each of these parcels can represent an individual journey in to London, as they are not ordered or delivered in bulk. The huge rise in pollution is due in large part to so many more car journeys being made in to the city.


Through our work with Cross River Partnership, we encourage people working in Camden to use our new Click & Collect website, which identifies the numerous collection points and helps to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads — making Camden Town a nicer place to visit, shop and work.

This initiative comes following a report from the London Assembly Transport committee, which expressed alarm at the increase in congestion not just in the city centre, but across the whole of London. Among other things, the report calls for a ban on personal deliveries for staff. You can read more here.

Visit the website and have a go for yourself — here.



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Camden Town Unlimited and Euston Town.

Camden Town Unlimited and Euston Town.


Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) and Euston Town are the elected organisations behind the Camden Green Loop neighbourhood strategy and climate action community.