From Tipit to Camerai in Less Than 10 Sec!

We re-branded.

Actually, it took us more than 10 seconds, more like 3 years, to ignite the fire of the neural networks, forming it into the first AR studio for developers to integrate real-time graphics to their products and design astonishing filters.

We believe that a company name has a strong meaning and we searched for something that is not too “Design”, and not too “Techie”.

Then, we started thinking, what if cameras met AI? BOOM, Camerai was born.

While many loved the name Tipit, its palindrome style flare, and roll-off the tongue catchiness, our team decided that now, looking forward to our revolutionary AR Studio launch, would be the best timing to do what we have always wanted to do. Change our name to one that would reflect our nature and spirit to what we really are: An AI driven vision, which enables cameras to understand the scene better and build AR graphics which interface with those technologies in real-time.

Hope you like our new name. We are excited to launch such sophisticated technologies packed into such a straight forward studio. Let us know what you think and what would you like to build with it.

You can find the SDK and the AR studio under your account, and please do use the Camerai AR Preview app to test your designs in real time.

Don’t forget to mention us @camerai and #camerai when you are sharing some #ARfilter

See you in your own augmented reality,

Camerai team