Announcing CameraKit for iOS

Austin Kettner
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2 min readFeb 7, 2019


CameraKit finally comes to iOS!

Today, we’re launching CameraKit for iOS. This extends CameraKit to our most requested platform next to Android and sets the foundation for some really exciting cross-platform features.

Tens of thousands of developers and hundreds of companies like Expensify, GooseChase, Pega, and InLoopX use our open source CameraKit to power camera experiences on Android. Whether it’s simple photo and video capture or more advanced functionality, like augmented reality and barcode/QR scanning, CameraKit is the base layer to power these great camera experiences.

When we envisioned supporting our first platform outside of Android we wanted to hit the ground running…yet also wanted to remain flexible around the needs of our community. Based on that, we are excited to see what additional features developers would like and encourage everyone to post an issue or open a chat on Spectrum.

The initial release of CameraKit for iOS has a lot of great features and we hope everyone makes good use of them…

  • ✅ Ability to extend and create custom sessions
  • ✅ Image and video capture seamlessly working with the same preview session
  • ✅ Automatic system permission handling
  • ✅ Automatic preview scaling
  • 📷 Ability to set a custom resolution for capturing photos
  • 📹 Ability to set resolution/frame rate for capturing videos
  • 👱‍ Built-in face detection
  • 📐 Built-in overlay grid
  • 👆 Built-in tap to focus
  • 🔍 Built-in pinch to zoom
  • 📸 Built-in flash toggle for both photos and videos
  • 🤳 Built-in camera position toggle

CameraKit’s SDKs and abstraction engine help partners bring their apps into the camera-driven world and enables new types of engagements on a growing number of platforms. We help handle everything related to camera and are committed to creating the open source standard for developers building camera experiences. Our focus is and always will be on the developer, so we encourage you again to reach out to us on Spectrum or Github so we can learn about your needs. Thanks for your involvement and we look forward to continue growing CameraKit.