BlurKit Release v1.1.0

*chanting* BlurKit BlurKit BlurKit!

Here’s the skinny on the latest release.

Removed Kotlin

In the previous release we added Kotlin to our library, but we’ve since changed philosophy. Kotlin introduces a large dependency. Requiring our users to include such a dependency in their application is a lot to ask. Going forward we are going to stick to Java as our Android language of choice.

Transparency Control

Up until now there was no reliable way to adjust the transparency of the blur applied through BlurKit. We’ve added an XML attribute and Java call to set the alpha value of the blur.

  • XML: blk_alpha
  • Java: setAlpha(float alpha)

There’s a smattering of other minor changes you can see for yourself on the Pull Request.

If you found a bug or have a request for a feature, create an issue on GitHub. Or if you’d rather reach out to the developers directly send us a message on Spectrum.

Thanks for using BlurKit!