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CameraKit Release v0.13.4

While we are building video support in CameraKit v1.0.0, we will continue to maintain v0.13.X as the latest CameraKit version with video integration.

This latest release brings a few bug fixes and build improvements. You can see the full list of commits on our GitHub pull request. To view documentation, head over to

Here are the highlights.

  • Lower minimum SDK version to 15
  • Fix orientation of captured image with the front camera
  • Revert back from AndroidX to Android support libraries

CameraKit relying on AndroidX forced developers to also use AndroidX if they included CameraKit in their applications. In an effort to leave developers with as much choice as possible, we moved CameraKit back to the standard android-support libraries. This will allow developers to use AndroidX or standard Android Support in their own applications.

As always, if you encounter a problem or have a request for a feature, drop us an issue on GitHub or a message on Spectrum!




CameraKit is an open-source, easy-to-use library for the Camera API on Android. High-level, simple, and extremely performant.

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