CameraKit v0.13.3

With the latest beta version, v1.0.0-beta3.10 migrating to AndroidX and receiving dependency updates, we thought it fitting to add the same to v0.13.3.

Here’s what’s new in CameraKit v0.13.3.


Just like I wrote in our release for v1.0.0-beta3.10, AndroidX will continue updates for Android’s support library. This will help CameraKit stay fully functional on older devices.

Video Duration Limits

Video duration limit added to the video recorder to stop recording video after a set amount of time. Thanks to @lucianoiam in Github for the contribution.

Dependency Updates

v0.13.3 matches the updates to Gradle and Kotlin we made in beta3.10.

Check out all of our changes on the Pull Request.

As always, we love to hear from the community. Find us on Github or send a message on Spectrum!

Thank you for being a part of CameraKit!