JpegKit v0.2.2

Emerson Cloud
Jan 29, 2019 · 1 min read

The last release of JpegKit, v0.2.0 introduced new wrappers for libjpeg-turbo. This was a major redesign to the JpegKit library. While these changes improved performance and readability of the code, it was incomplete for the scope of JpegKit functionality.

v0.2.2 un-deprecates the Jpeg class to be used until the wrappers are finalized in an upcoming release, v0.3.0.

Here’s what’s changed in v0.2.2 . You can see all the changes on the GitHub Pull Request.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge corruption when rotating a Jpeg
  • Fixed JpegView render function


We’ve un-deprecated the following classes:

  • Jpeg
  • JpegKit
  • JpegFile
  • JpegImageView

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