Our New CameraKit Documentation Site

We always are working to find ways to make CameraKit more accessible and simple to use, and in the past few months, this has represented a big focus for us. We are advocates of open source in every way; not only for its ability to create great communities but also foster faster, easier, and more accessible developer environment for previously untouched problems.

As one of our first steps in making CameraKit more usable, we are happy to share our entirely new documentation site, housed within the CameraKit website: https://camerakit.io/docs

CameraKit helps you add reliable camera to your app quickly. Our open source camera platform provides consistent capture results, service that scales, and endless camera possibilities.

It is important that our new docs accomplish a few key things, for us and for our community…

  • Housed in the same domain as our primary web presence; we weren’t fans of using docs.camerakit.io and wanted to have easy reach in how users access and utilize the CameraKit documentation.
  • Multiple version support for past, current, and future CameraKit releases; ability to quickly comprehend the differences, implementation changes, and available API calls of older and newer versions.
  • Gooood-lookin’; we love our brand and are enjoying growing it, so the docs need to match the same style and simplicity associated with the rest of the CameraKit brand.

Our goal is to continue to grow the community around CameraKit. It is a priority for us and updating our documentation is just one of many steps we have planned (and most importantly are actively working on) in making that goal realized.

We have more enhancements already in the pipeline for the documentation site, but we welcome any feedback on https://spectrum.chat/camerakit/ or via our contact form https://camerakit.io/contact.