Revitalizing BlurKit

What Is BlurKit?

BlurKit is an easy to use and performant utility to render real-time blur effects in Android. BlurKit was created by the same team that brought you CameraKit. CameraKit is still our main focus but because of the usage of BlurKit we felt the need to bring some updates to the utility.

The project was started late 2016 and has gained quite a lot of traction. By mid 2017 we crossed 2000 stars on GitHub, a testament to the need for BlurKit. The previous methods to retrieve and blur a source bitmap took on average 50ms. The same procedure with BlurKit takes 1/15th the time or just 3ms. The speed of BlurKit creates a seamless experience and allows blurring where not previously possible.

GitHub Star Count

Where We Are Going

Today BlurKit gets some new life. It’s been almost 18 months since the last commit, updates are long overdue! In this commit we’ve added unit and integration tests, moved the first class to Kotlin and updated the README with the latest documentation.

We are putting more focus back into the BlurKit project. In the coming months new features will be added and bugs will be squashed.

Our aim is to always be closely integrated with the community; we want your feedback! If you encounter a bug or have an idea for a new feature, open an issue on GitHub and we’ll address it as quickly as possible.

We’ve recently started a channel where you can ask specific questions and contact the developers directly.

Thanks for your support and we hope you’re as excited as us by the future of BlurKit!

BlurKit is a sister project of CameraKit ( Created by Alterac Inc.