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Cocktail or Cardio: A Non-Fitness Fitness Post

Hard times don’t stop when you’re healthy.

The beginning of my journey to being a healthy person started with my physical health. At my worst my first inclination is as always a drink. That temporary relief from a soothing bourbon would settle me down and help me forget, for just one night. What sweet relief.

The way I know I’ve grown in my mental and emotional health is that when hard times come, my first inclination is getting outside with a good walk or run or getting sweaty slinging around some weights.

It’s amazing what can happen when your mind and body work together. That’s when you surprise yourself. That’s when I didn’t what the fuck hit me, but didn’t know a fucking thing that could stop me.

Motivation is never stronger when it comes to my fitness than when I’m working through something. It has been my consort, my retreat, my way back.

When I’ve seen the most vulnerable of my friends post cries for help when it comes to depression and hurt I always suggest the same. Look to yourself. Your body. Take care of yourself physically and you take take of yourself in so many more ways.

So let’s be a little vulnerable while holding back on going full enneagram four. I’m going through a hard time right now. I feel like I’m my best self, but still the things most important in my life just can’t seem to fall in place in the casual way I had hoped.

Last night, while just feeling the weight of it all, I did one thing and I didn’t do another. I looked to my son. I focused on him and gave him all of me. My attention, my love and my affection. The thing I didn’t do was as numb myself with a cocktail from my liquor cabinet.

Now I’ll say this. A good wine after a rough day is something I couldn’t Recommend more. But there’s taking the edge off every once in a while and there’s taking it all off. Feeling humans is something to embrace and hold onto and something that reminds us that we are alive. But the thing is, we don’t have to do this alone. Reaching out to those who know will be there, despite how embarrassing it can feel sometimes to dump even more at them, they know you’ll do the same for them.

So why am I writing this? Same reason I started this blog. I’m on a walk and writing through some of the things I’m working through rather than waking up with a brutal hangover leaving me with zero insights and direction.

This will all pass. Whether you’ve lost a job. Whether you’ve lost a relationship. Whether you feel invisible. Things won’t Always be this way. Look to those around you. Look to yourself. Love yourself. Let others love on you. Take a walk. Read a Book. Get sweaty and treat your body to real physical therapy.

I’ve such a long ways to go. But I think I’m on the right walking path.

But there’s no catching me. I’m about to turn things up.



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