Ugly Naked Guy

It’s ironic that I see myself as an over sharer, but also care way too much what people think about me. Leads to quickly being down on myself when I walk away from a conversation and the word vomit I left behind. This is a place that you’ll get a look behind the curtain. Always honest, often ugly, usually wrong.

I’ll be here every Sunday sharing some random personal insights or one of my two passions, design or fitness. They don’t really mix well together, but neither does my life. So I’m just gonna throw them all together. Cause I can. But I think I learn more about life when I’m challenged on a court or pushing myself through a workout when it’s not easy (which is every time).

Quick note that I’m shooting for writing quality a little above our president, which is pretty low. But hopefully, I’ll improve on my run on sentences, poor grammar and rabbit trails. But probably not. :)

I hope at times it’s as uncomfortable for you as it is for me. Let’s see where this thing takes us. See you next Sunday.

*Ugly Naked Guy is both one of my favorite Friends episodes and the name of my wifi. May be my best wifi name yet.

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