Bittersweet endings: km 821 (or km zero)

I’ve discovered that nature can induce a meditative, centered state.

I’ve discovered that deep love exists and can ignite in an instant, or slowly burn over several conversations.

I’ve discovered that love is a state of being. We always have access to its energy and frequency.

When two people vibrate with openness, chemistry prevails and magic takes root. I now know the look — “la guarda”, “la mirada” — of deep love and affection. I know what it feels like to relax back and be totally myself. What it feels like to laugh, to cry, to moan with pleasure, all in the presence of someone I intuitively enjoy and trust.

I’ve both finished a journey, and am back to where I started. To where I will always be, so long as I have breath: seeking connection to a community and a purpose.

My perspective on eating clean and moving the body: renewed. My connection to nature and sexual desire: strengthened in my cells. My toolkit of mindfulness: expanded. My propensity to play and lay down the rigidness: restored.

My visceral experience of spirit: imprinted in my soul.