Camino de Santiago — Day 24

October 2 / Ferreiros — Palas de Rei

That day I also wake up early in order to do many kilometers. I have to recognize that as I had already decided to reach Santiago that Sunday afternoon, I was a bit stressed. I wasn’t enjoyed the Camino as much as the beginning when I had no rush.

The day was foggy and it seemed like it could rain. I reached Portomarín without any problems. However I was starting to notice a pain on the shinbones that got me a bit worried. In order to enter into Portomarín I crossed the Miño river, which had few water; and then went up quite a few stairs.

Once I was upstairs, someone came telling my name. It was Charlie! The American business man who had had a lot of problems with blisters in Logroño. He told me about the problems he had had and he recognized me he had gone faster that he should. Luckily, he was back on track. He took a bus to skip over many stages and he was willing to finish the Camino. I was glad for him.

I had breakfast in town (a bit expensive), and I waited a bit more than usual as I was charging my phone. The extra battery wasn’t charging the phone too well and I wanted to keep recording my GPS coordinates.

Some kilometers after I left the town, I met Chiara, the Italian woman. We walked together many kilometers until I stopped to have lunch. She also recognized me that she had taken a bus to skip over several stages as she also had problems with blisters. When I stopped, she gave me Voltaren and a pill in order to try to reduce the pain I was having. She continued her way. I ate a sandwich of lomo con queso (pork with cheese). I was there for a few time waiting for the pill to take effect. It wasn’t a strong pain, but it bothered me.

I continued the Camino at a slower pace and I reached Palas de Rei. There were many albergues, but I went to the public one. There I met again Chiara, who was suffering a lot.

I took a siesta, and then I bought Voltaren on the pharmacy and some food on the supermarket. Around 7pm Chiara told me that she was going to go with me to have dinner, although she wasn’t going to eat anything as she had had a late lunch. We went to a restaurant she had lunch. She had a lot of pain while she walked; as she was saying, she was like a snail. We talked in a mix of English, Italian and Spanish trying to understand each other. She didn’t know yet if the following day she was going to walk or she needed to take again a taxi or bus. She was regretting having changed from biking to hiking, and she knew she was going to cry when she reached Santiago. It was being a tough ending for her.

It was a really nice dinner, both on the food and the conversation. I miss not having taken more photos of that day!

Distance: 32.8 km
Average speed: 4.8 km/h
Lowest altitude: 346 m
Highest altitude: 721 m