The CampAd Story

In our founder’s words

CampAd helped startups reach out to the youth of India by providing them ad/event space, and brand ambassadors in 70+ college campuses throughout India. CampAd ceased operations in Mar 2017. We thank our ambassadors, partners, and our clients for an amazing journey. Ciao!

It all started back in 2015 when I took my first step towards entrepreneurship with a coupons site. It was a no-bullshit website where all one had to do was submit their email once to receive discount codes of various e-com websites every Thursday. My Business Model was short and simple: Get as many users as I can, use Affiliate links in all my emails.

The second part was easy: I signed up as an affiliate on many e-com websites.

The first part was rewarding: I designed posters with catchy headlines, put them up on walls of my department, left for home and checked the number of subscribers in the night. It was 51. Good number for the first day! I stayed home the next day and checked the number around 5 pm: 63

I was confused. The posters were actually designed pretty well and should have performed even on the second day. What happened that day taught me something that lead me to start CampAd.

The posters were removed by the college authorities because they didn’t allow advertising of things that aren’t related to the college. No college does!

So, what did I do? I came up with a solution (code name: CampAd)

By partnering with us, startups can be sure about their products being in the right hands and students can get exposure to new products and promotions right in their colleges.

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