Obama Endorsement Coming as Clinton Closes In On Nomination

Reports indicate that he is planning to hit the campaign trail for his former Secretary of State in the coming weeks

By Campaigner Staff

Published at 12:30 p.m. ET

LIVINGSTON, New Jersey — President Obama is expected to formally endorse Hillary Clinton as early as this week as his former secretary of state appears to be on the cusp of clinching the Democratic nomination, according to reports from Bloomberg, CNN and The New York Times.

While the President has remained neutral out of respect for the success of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the six states that vote on Tuesday are poised to carry Clinton over the 2,383 delegate threshold to claim the nomination. Clinton is just 26 delegates short, according to the Associated Press, and will likely claim victory once New Jersey polls close.

According to CNN, “White House officials and Democratic aides are still determining how and when Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, will throw their formal endorsements behind Clinton and her campaign.”

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