Four reasons to deploy a quiz to generate hot leads for your business

Let’s start by stating the obvious. A quiz is fun! People love showing how knowledgable they are about specific topics. And what’s the best way to let the whole world know how smart you are? By sharing your results on Facebook. And Facebook acknowledges this. Posts which generate a lot of traffic (clicks, shares, comments) will be pushed by Facebook. This means more and more people will get to see your quiz organically (without paying for it) in their news feed.

1. And the right answer is…

Upon completing a quiz people are desperate to know what the right answers are. We have seen people heavily discussing in Facebook groups, on fan pages and other websites, just to get to know what the right and the wrong answers are. Guess what, this is all free publicity for you!

2. The IKEA method

Do you know the IKEA method? Of course you do! You walk into the store and you will see all the products they sell. And exactly like they expect you to, you will buy something. At the very least you will buy one product which wasn’t on your shopping list. If that didn’t happen you’re a hero, oh wait…. You did buy an ice-cream or an hot dog, right? A daim cake? Haha, Got Ya!

Well with a quiz this phenomenon is pretty much the same. High chances that someone had some time to kill and saw your quiz on their social media timeline. And here you go, by doing your quiz your product, event, service (or whatever you do) is suddenly on the top of their mind. And once they started a quiz which is relevant, funny, or outstanding in one way or another, great chance the player will complete the whole quiz (tadam, the IKEA method).

3. Business-to-business does work!

Let me fix one important misconception. A quiz does work for business-to-business services and products as well. Who are in charge of business-to-business companies? The same people who check-out their timeline on social media as well. So, as said above, if you have an outstanding quiz you will generate hot leads for your business-to-business products!

4. Do the magic with online marketing

Not every quiz player will be converted into customers directly of course. There are plenty of reasons why it might take longer in some cases. For instance: a quiz allows you to win something mostly. So there are people who will wait. Did I actually win? If not, they still might buy what they aimed to win.

In other scenarios you might need to build up trust further, or perhaps the timing wasn’t right. This is where online marketing and remarking allows us keep in touch with the contestants. You’ll always get their email address, so you’re able to send them a follow-up mail. Perhaps they liked your Facebook page, another opportunity to get in touch with them. And of course, by using a Facebook pixel for your retargeting campaigns!

These are just a few reason why quizzes will definitely help you grow your business! So why wait? Start your free plan here:

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