Camp IHC Lingo to Know Before you Go!

By Liam Macleod

So you’re rolling up to summer camp for the first time? The first thing to know is that camp is the most welcoming place on earth and you’re going to be made to feel like a part of the family from the moment you step of the bus.

It can be over-whelming but please know that everyone adjusts in their own time. Everything will be new to you and we encourage you to just get involved and roll with it.

This year we’re giving you a head start. Here’s a list of IHC lingo you will hear over the summer, give it a read and you’ll totally know what everything is before you arrive… maybe.

We all get there in the end!

IHC Summer Camp Lingo

Whilst we are one Co-Ed camp at IHC, you can split camp into 4 main age group areas.

Lake Camp

Lake Camp refers to the younger age groups on camp, these are our boy and girl campers that are in grades 2–7, so around 6–12 years old. Most of the campers at IHC live on Lake Camp which are the bunks located nearest the Lake.

The Hill

These campers have completed Lake Camp and move to bunks slightly higher on the hill, they are campers in grade 8 & 9.

Tribe West

These campers are in grade 10 and spend 4 weeks of the summer traveling the west coast of America in the most insane summer camp trip ever.


CIT stands for Counselors in Training. They are our oldest campers and act as counselors on half staff day’s and grow their leadership skills over the summer. It marks their final year of being a camper at IHC.

Half Staff Days

Every staff member gets a day off each week, staff will either get the Wednesday night and all day Thursday off, or Sunday night and all day Monday. The split is half and half.


Olympics is the biggest special event at Camp IHC. It breaks out around the last week or two of camp but nobody knows when. The camp is split into two main teams of blue and white and compete in a series of challenges for points. At the end of Olympics there is a winning ceremony before the camp becomes one again.

Check it out below:


This stands for On Duty. Each week there will be a night or two when you’re assigned to bunk watch from 10pm onwards. On OD you have to make sure the campers aren’t making too much noise and keeping other bunks up.

Polar Bear Swim

There’s a couple of mornings when campers are allowed to get up super early and head to the pool for an early morning swim. It’s called Polar Bear swim because the pool hasn’t heated up yet. Brrrrrrr!


This stands for Out-Post Tripping. The OPT team lead off camp trips to go hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving and more! You will often find them wandering around wooded areas wearing a lot of flannel.


These are our outdoor activity specialists. They are very similar to OPT, they look after our ropes courses and outdoor adventure areas.

“Talk to Program”

The Program team makes daily camp life happen. They give out daily schedules that determine where each division on camp needs to be. They are superheroes.


Divisions are the different age groups on camp. The youngest girls are called Sioux, the youngest boys are called Commanches, every year the campers move up a division until they get to Tribe West and CIT’s.

“Fancy a game of Gaga?”

Yes, yes you do. This dodgeball style game is played in a wooden octagon. Staff and campers slap a rubber ball at each others legs to try hit them. Get hit and you’re out. Last person standing claims the victory!

“Fancy a game of knock-out?”

Yes, yes you do. Don’t worry someone isn’t going to punch your face. It’s a basketball elimination game, it’s a great way to get a large group of people involved.

The Rhodhouse

This is the staff lounge where you have access to wi-fi and lockers.