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4 min readJul 18, 2021


By Matthew Kaufman

“We love you Nancy, we do. We love you Nancy, we do. We love you Nancy we do! OOOH NANCY WE LOVE YOU!”

Nancy Tucker is a local celebrity to many campers and counselors at sleep away camps across Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Each summer, she visits Camp IHC and puts on a spectacular performance full of singing, dancing, guitar playing, and laughter, and shower caps. Everyone was on their feet to join in on all the fun! Some were so excited they took their shoes off!

This was Nancy’s first in-person concert since March, 2020. We are really lucky and grateful that she chose Camp IHC for her one and only live performance this summer!

Shoes off — if you love Nancy!

Nancy Tucker’s spectacular show is a highly anticipated event for both campers and staff. Every single returner patiently awaits her arrival. Those who have never experienced her performances quickly understand what all the buzz is about as soon as she starts singing!

She sings many original songs, as well as a handful of covers. Some of her most popular hits include “Habitat,” “Jellyfish,” and “One Meatball (And No Spaghetti!).”

One of the best parts of Nancy Tucker’s concert is all the dancing. Each song comes with combination of zany, crazy choreography!

Some of her songs also feature a silly skit. Don’t think we forgot about the Shower Song!

In this performance, Nancy Tucker puts on her shower cap and tells you about all the cool things you can pretend to be when you step into the shower. A race car driver. The Statue of Liberty. You can be… attacked by the blob! AHHHH!

Or better yet, you can even pretend to be a celebrity (as if we didn’t already consider Nancy Tucker to be famous). If you can imagine it, you can be it! And while you can’t necessarily sing along to her melodious gargling, campers are lined up in shower caps ready to dance and giggle along. If there’s time afterwards, she may even autograph your shower cap!

Halfway through the show, some clouds rolled in. One rain drop turned into a downpour of liquid sunshine. But guess what!? Camp doesn’t stop for rain. Everyone was singing and dancing just like normal.

This was truly a Nancy Tucker performance we will never forget.



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