How Marketing to 6,000 Undergrads Led Me to My Dream Job at Facebook

I rebuilt a 20-year-old brand starting my freshman year of college. This is my story:

“Let’s do what you think is best.”

When I became the newly-minted Chief Marketing Officer of Campus Enterprises in fall 2013, I didn’t expect that my first task would be to redesign the entire brand, including the logos for each venture, the website, and more. The most surprising part wasn’t the size of the task: it was that the team trusted shy, 17-year-old me, with little qualifications beyond a working copy of Photoshop, to single-handedly reinvent the image of a 20-year-old company. That vote of confidence exemplifies the opportunity that awaits Duke freshmen joining Campus Enterprises; it also reveals how I’ve gotten to where I am today.

Logos, Facebook ads, Snapchat filters, and more — a day in the life of Campus Enterprises Marketing

It’s been said that the difference between the closeted talent and the star performer is a stage and a good supporting cast. At an early age, Campus Enterprises answered my budding interest in design and gave me both. Every bit of work I created performed before an audience of 6,000 Duke undergraduates and several business partners. With millions of dollars on the line, the stakes were dauntingly real. And yet, any time I missed a line or improvised — the times when I thought full-bleed rainbow flyers and changing logotypes with the season would be sensible exercises in budgeting and creativity — my fellow student shareholders in Campus Enterprises have always been there to take my cues and meet my direction with applause.

Infographic for BluePrint, our screenprinting venture

Since 2013, we’ve gone from my logo-less indie improv act to easily one of the most impressive marketing teams at any university, one that supports 6 strong brands across all major ad platforms and produces more impressive growth and creativity every year. More than a one-liner on my resume, that experience has given me a sense of creative confidence I carry everywhere— the kind that makes an introvert with a portfolio of side projects able to act her way into a job designing for over 1 billion people.

Each spring, Campus Enterprises recruits exceptional Duke first years with the hope of providing a similarly transformative opportunity. If you’re a freshman at Duke interested in anything from finance to design, this could be the experience that changes your life — it certainly did mine. Apply today

Campus Enterprises is the student-run company that has powered Duke University’s on-demand economy for the past 21 years. Stephanie Engle is the company’s former Chief Marketing Officer and CEO and will reside on the Board of Directors until her graduation in May 2016, after which she will join Facebook full-time as a Product Designer.