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Newtonian & Labyrinthine

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


I hear another cock crow. There is a poultry farm close to the lecture theatre improvised as our exam hall today. The time is halfway up.

My heart is still racing.

My mind is still noisy.

My answer booklet is still blank.


On my right, Funke has asked for extra sheets. On my left, Frank is asleep. He could not recall anything; asked that I wake him up later.

I am sandwiched between polar opposites.

I wonder if it is auspicious.

Or ominous.


“Pens up! This Physics examination is now officially over. You will be penalized if you are caught writing at this time. Close your answer booklets and lay your question papers over them. Both will be retrieved from you.”

Funke cockily wishes there were more time. Frank laughs sarcastically.

I agree with Funke.

I could have used the time to scribble the answers I recalled at the eleventh hour.

Yet, I join Frank in laughing.



Inspired, heart-crafted stories. Copyright © February 2021- Date. All rights reserved.

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