6 Things I wish I knew before getting a puppy — Day 5

Oh how life will change…

Michael and I got Eleanor, as I had said previously, 4 days into us living in a new city. We had no idea what to expect, I’d just been leaving notes around our old house with the word “Puppy?!” for the past year. So…we were getting a puppy.

These are the things I wish I knew beforehand.

You will say and do things you swore you’d never do

My mom mocks me, a lot, (thanks Mom) for all of the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth regarding my pup. I thought I would be the “cool” dog mom. I’m not even quite sure I know what that means, but that was going to be me.

Instead, I’m the helicopter puppy parent. And I’m not ashamed. I didn’t leave her for the first three weeks and Michael told me I needed to get out of the house. So I walked around the mall for an hour and bought her a bunch of toys from the Disney store. That’s what a puppy needs, right?

She loved them!

We leave get togethers to get back to her when we do leave her, and if we want a night on the town we bring her to her daycare so she won’t be lonely.

Things I never thought I would say, let alone actively be a part of:

  • Doggie Daycare
  • Pictures with Santa
  • Stockings for our animals
  • Calling my husband “Dad” and Michael calling me “Mom”
  • Having my mom refer to herself as “Grandma” and want to FaceTime with our dog
  • Buying dog clothing and rain gear

Working remotely with a 2 month old puppy isn’t easy.

I thought for sure having a puppy with both my husband and I working from home would make everything 10o times easier.


Yes — it’s great being home with her, but having a baby puppy to tend to and care for while you’re trying to accomplish your daily work tasks is a handful. The pup does not understand you’re on a video call when she starts barking because she wants to play. The pup does not understand that you have 3 chats going with customers when she’s ready to go out.

That was an adjustment.

Now that she’s fully grown, can get up and down the stairs on her own and doesn’t require me to carry her everywhere, even though I still do, it has become much more manageable and enjoyable.

I now know that when Wendy Williams is on, before The View, Ellie will be ready for her day time, 5 hour snooze. I’ll pick her up from the couch, have her say goodbye to Michael via a ton of kisses and cart her into the bedroom where she will sleep on my feet or above my head and make the day a million times better.

Nap time

You will become more emotional

This one I didn’t see coming. I had family dogs growing up, but with the hustle and bustle of being a teenager I never became super attached.

That all changed.

I can no longer be in the same room as an ASPCA commercial. If I see it I start crying.

I can no longer visit the puppies and dogs at the pet supply store from the shelter. I will start to cry. I will also stalk the dogs for weeks to make sure they were adopted.

I will cry with pride when Ellie has a “milestone”. Like the time she hopped into a pool for the first time at the dog park and I interrupted the couple I was talking to to start jumping up and down. Let’s just say they didn’t view us as potential puppy playdate matches after that.

This was a big day

You will make excuses for all of their behavior

Dog reasoning is not human reasoning. This will all be thrown out the window when you have a dog.

A perfect example happened two nights ago. I was taking Ellie out at around 11pm and across the street there is a display of reindeer with a sleigh, 3D, with white lights. It’s beautiful!

That is, it was beautiful until Ellie spotted it and got confused as to why there was this glowing beast across the street that I wouldn’t let her go near. So she retaliated by having a barking fit. She was protecting us.

It lost it’s beauty quick. Her reasoning was perfectly valid. Why did this man think putting this glowing monster in his yard was a smart and safe idea?!

Your house will no longer be your own.

This was solidified last night when I shook the top sheet so all of the bone fragments and crud that took over most of our bed would fall to the floor and I could sweep it.

This is a frequent occurrence.

Michael and I also swap sleeping on the couch more often than we’d like in the middle of the night because either Ellie has turned into a dinosaur at 3am and wants to run around OR because she has taken up residence of the entire bed and there isn’t room for all three of us.

Other things that no longer belong to us:

Our food — it’s being taste tested until it’s safe enough for her.

So patient waiting for me to finish cooking our (her) food

Our furniture — now must be viewed as a massive obstacle course for you to chase her around.

Our vehicle — it’s actually a throne for you take her to the park

Need I say more?

It’s better than you’d ever anticipate.

Nothing beats having this little angel following you around, her nose attached to your leg so she can be closer to you. Or having her run and jump into your arms to be carried and she drops her head on your shoulder to pass out. Or this face…come on.

Our best girl