On our own — Day 3

Switching things up only brought us closer

Photo by: Jon Holiday

I was planning on writing about taking our pup, Eleanor, to get her picture taken with Santa. Really, this was just an excuse to share an abundance of pictures of Ellie trying to eat Santa’s beard, as well as many others of her looking incredibly confused. But, I had to go and lose the flash drive with the pictures, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Instead, I’ll take it a different route.

In May, Michael and I moved from Portland, Maine to Louisville, Kentucky. We knew no one, but fell in love with the place when we came here on a long weekend. Seven months ago, I would never have guessed how much things would change, for the better.

The convent we moved into…(no, really it was a convent)

It’s not that we didn’t love Portland, it’s a great little city, but we were stuck in a rut. We needed an adventure that was ours. So, with both of us working remotely, it was possible. And we did it.

Four days in, we fell in love with our puppy, Eleanor, or Ellie. We got lucky with her. She basically picked us. Walking into the pet supply store, that had a section to house shelter dogs, we saw her. So tiny, wrinkles galore. They broke their rule and allowed me into the cement pen to meet her. I sat down and instantly she crawled into my lap and passed out. Snoring so loud. She owned us.

I mean…come on.

Suddenly, our lives changed. Every decision we’ve made since that day has been with her in mind. We were no longer planning to go out on the town in our new city, but tracking down dog parks we could take her to.

In Portland, the only thing to really do is go to the local bars. Especially for non outdoorsy people like Michael and I. We’re still a little traumatized by a “walk” a friend took us on up a “hill” that turned into rock climbing. Never again. In Louisville we’re forced to think outside the box. Farmers Markets, pet friendly dining, puppy Santa pictures.

We’re now in the midst of planning our first Christmas on our own. It’s a milestone for a couple, separating ourselves from our family traditions and making our own. It’s pretty crazy, when you think about it.

Ta Da!!!

We’re beyond excited. Today, we put up our tree and made some cider, put on some Cheers episodes. This was followed by listening to Christmas music, decorating a tree that won’t be alone on Christmas day. We had this aura around us, so much love. We told one another that we loved each other probably 60 times throughout the day, not that it was something we needed to say, we could tell just by looking at each other.

This happiness is new. Not that there wasn’t bliss when we were in Maine, but this is something entirely it’s own. We’ve learned these past few months how much we enjoy one another. We are a team, we’re in this together, and we’re spending all of our time together. Rather than us being at each other’s throats because we’re attached at the hip, we’ve grown closer than I could imagine. It’s so cool! My husband truly is my best friend and I couldn’t be happier.