How do people make money online?

I heard a lot about it…
But I still find it hard to understand…
how do people make money online?

Well… they make money
using online marketing tools.
Do you wanna quit your day job?

Well, I think many people
would say “yes” to that.

OK… It’s a good start.
Now you need to figure out
what you need to sell
and how to sell it.

I see… Yes, that makes sense.

Yes, it does.
But do you know what else is important?
You need to make sure your future customers…
they know that you are selling
so that you can help them
find just what they are looking for.

So, what kind of marketing tools
do you recommend?

Google Trends.
It is the best way to figure it all out.
Google trends is a marketers’ dream come true.

All right.
How do I get started?

Right… Go to Google Trends.
Click on “Top Charts”
in the left hand navigation column.

Yep, what do I do next?

Next… scroll through the top forty charts
and find the products
that will be most interesting
for your potential customers.
For example… let’s say you sell sporting goods.
You see that Jason Collins NBA
is a hot topic.
It’s brand new to the “Top Charts” list
and looks as if it’s currently holding steady.

OK… so what’s the next step?

Do a general Google search on
whatever top keywords you found
in your own niche
to find the hot news related to this topic.
Such as “Jason Collins NBA”
would be searched on
in the example for a sporting goods site.

OK… and then… what?

Write an article
using the keywords you’ve found.
Make sure those keywords
show up in at least the title,
first and last paragraph
without using the keyword too many times.

And… after I write the article…

After that you need to
monetize the article with affiliate links
or other monetization methods
depending on your business model.


Yes, also try to insert links
from other relevant sites.
This is a good way to rank better
in the search engines.

I see… Links to other sites.

And the next step is… social media.
Share your article with social bookmarking
and social media network sites
to gain the most amount of traffic possible.

So, does it really work?

Well… there’s no guarantee, of course.
It worked for me.
With Google Trends you will notice
a significant improvement
in the amount of traffic you get
to your articles.

I see. Well… thanks for sharing your ideas.

No worries.

Disclaimer: This article is a language exercise.
Your decision to make money online is the one you make yourself.
We do not encourage you to do it, or discourage you from doing it.
It is entirely your own decision.

Text credits: 4 Track Marketing, Public Domain

Image credits: Pixabay

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