How often do you buy organic food?

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What is organic food?

Organic food?
Oh… it’s different from regular food we grow.
Organic food is grown with ______________ .
Also, they are using _____________ instead of _____________ .
So, yeah, this is what makes organic food different.

OK, now I understand.
How often do you buy organic food?

(1) How often?
Oh… quite often, I would say.
I usually buy organic ____________ and _____________ .
It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it, I think.
Yeah, so I do buy it very often.

(2) Well… I don’t buy it often.
It’s certainly expensive, and it’s not easy to find it here.
Plus, I think that _____________ .
So, I guess, I am not a big fan of organic food.

I see…

So, tell me… how often do you buy organic food?

Video by MySPNN on YouTube, CC-BY license.

Illustrations: Pixabay.