One place I want to visit — Iceland

What is one place you want to visit?

Okay, this is a good question, again.
I want to talk about one place in the world
I want to visit.

Right… So, is this place
far from or close to home?

It’s pretty far from my home.
I want to visit Iceland,
a country in the Northern Europe.
My impression is…
it has a lot of ice…
it’s a very cold place.
But I think it’s a really cool,
a fun place to visit.

What makes this place interesting?

Let me explain why I love this place…
it’s a really simple reason.
I think you love the place,
if it’s related to your own character…
and you feel special about it.

That’s true…

Yes, Iceland looks like a very cold country,
but inside, I believe, it’s a warm place.
It takes time to get to know the place.
And this is how you can understand it, right?
I think it’s the same with people…
and their country.

So, why do you wanna visit Iceland?

I met a teacher from Iceland
when I took an English class.
He was a really cool and nice person,
with big smile…
He spoke very fluent English,
and I liked his accent.
But I only saw him just one time.


I barely know Iceland,
but I really wish
I could visit it one day.
And maybe I will start
speaking English fluently myself,
and make more friends in Iceland.

I’m pretty sure you will be able to do it.

So, I guess…
that’s all I know about this country,
I know very little at the moment,
so I just share my feelings about Iceland with you.
If I go there one day,
I will write more about it.
Iceland is the place I want to visit most,
wish my dream would come true, ha…ha!

OK… now it’s your turn.

What about you?
Do you wanna visit Iceland, too?

Oh… yes… I would love to visit Iceland.
I really want to see…


Well… it looks like a nice place.
But, actually, I want to visit…
You know… I always felt excited about…

Image credits: Pixabay