Visiting Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo

Elenice is showing us
the most famous park in Sao Paulo, Brazil —
Ibirapuera Park.

Thank you, Elenice.
How long does it take
to get from the place
you live in Sao Paulo
to the park?

Well, it takes about forty minutes.
I can get from my place to the park
on the subway.

What does the name of the park
“Ibirapuera” mean in Portuguese?

Ibirapuera… it’s not Portuguese.
It means “rotten tree” in Tupi language.
This area used to be flooded frequently.

I see.
What’s the best season
to visit the park?

The best season is spring.
We can see
a lot of nice flowers there.

Is there anything that makes this park
special for you?

Yes, this park is really special.
It is very beautiful.
And the location is great too.

What is the best way for visitors
to get to the park…
Bus… subway… taxi?

I think the easiest way would be
on the subway.

I wonder if the park
gets crowded even on weekdays?

No, not really.
On weekdays it’s not crowded.

What’s the name of this tree?

Oh… it’s called “jacaranda” tree.

What is the best time
to see this tree in blossom?

Spring is the best.
I guess… around November.

The park looks pretty big.
How long does it take
to walk around the park?

Yes, the park is big.
It has an area of
1.5 thousand square km.
I think it takes about two hours
to walk around the park.

Are there any museums
in the park?

Yes, there are many.
“MAC”, or Museum of Contemporary Arts…
“MAN” — Modern Art Museum…
There are also Art Exhibitions
and Book Fairs.

I see.
Do you have a favorite place
in the park?

Yes, it’s the lake.
I love to walk around the lake.

Thank you so much, Elenice,
for showing us around.

My pleasure.

Now, it’s your turn…

Do you have a nice park in your city?
What makes this park special?

Yes, we do…
We do have a nice park here, in…
It’s called…
What makes it special?
Well… you can see…
And also…

Images by Christian Benseler, Otavio Nogueira, Gabriela Sakamoto and Dudu Pontes at Flickr, CC-BY license.