What do you buy in a sweets shop?

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What do you usually buy in a sweets shop?
Chocolates? Pastry? Candies? Anything else?
What are your favorites?

I would buy a lot of them.
I love _______________ .
And the ______________ tastes really good.
Yeah… and love ____________ too.
I often buy it at ___________ .

Do you have a lot of sweets shops… candy stores…
around your town?

(1) Oh… yeah… we’ve got plenty of those.
We have ______________ .
And there is another good one…
It’s called _____________ .
So, yeah, we have a lot of choices here.

(2) No… not really.
We do have some here… but not too many.
There is one shop… not far from…
They sell ____________ and ___________ .
I wish we had more of those.

Right… I see…

Yeah… so, what do you usually buy in a sweets shop?

Video by YourSurreyTV and NJTV News on YouTube, CC-BY license.

Illustrations: Pixabay.