What do you know about Bossa Nova?

Guilherme, could you tell us a little more
about Bossa Nova?

Bossa Nova is a famous music style…
created by brilliant people…
such as João Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim,
Vinicius de Moraes and others.

All right.
What does Bossa Nova mean
in Brazilian Portuguese?

The meaning of “Bossa Nova”…
well… it not easy to explain.
Bossa” is not a very common word in Brazil.
But the expression “Bossa Nova
can be roughly translated as “New Rhythm”.

I see…
So, what makes Bossa Nova special for Brazilians
and different from other music styles?

Bossa Nova is a mix of samba,
traditional Brazilian music styles,
and cool jazz.
It’s an intelligent music
and may be it’s not as popular as other styles.


Actually, some experts…
including José Ramos Tinhorão…
they say that Bossa Nova is not Brazilian.
It’s North American since its harmony and the melody
are more related to jazz.

Do you agree?

No… I think it’s Brazilian…
because it uses the rhythmic structure of samba.

I know that Rio is a place
where Bossa Nova originates from…

Yep, that’s right.

So… these days…
is Bossa Nova more popular in Rio
than in other states of Brazil?

Well… it’s hard to say.
I don’t know if Bossa Nova
is more popular in Rio
than in other states of Brazil.
Perhaps, it seems like this
because most of original Bossa Nova
was produced in Rio…
and they do use a lot of Rio-related themes.
But I think in other states and regions,
for instance… Minas Gerais,
there’s a keen interest in Bossa Nova as well.

So, what are other regions of Brazil
where Bossa Nova is popular?

Bossa Nova is popular in Minas Gerais
and São Paulo.
In Minas, we had an influential music style
called “Clube da Esquina”… or the Corner Club.
It was in the 70s…
It has an original sound,
a mix of Bossa Nova and Rock.

What are 3–5 Bossa Nova artists
that are most famous in Brazil?

Well… the most famous
Bossa Nova artists in Brazil
are Antonio Carlos Jobim,
Joao Gilberto and Vinicius de Moraes.
That’s for sure.

Which artists do you like personally?

I like Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal.
They wrote some of the best songs…
Lobo Bobo, O Barquinho,
Saudade fez um samba.

Are there any bars in Brazil
that play only Bossa Nova music?
Are these bars only in Rio,
or in other cities?

We can find these bars in many cities…
they play only Bossa Nova music.
For example, in São Paulo…
we have Bar Brahma and Villagio Café.

I see… Are there any other
interesting things about Bossa Nova
that Brazilians know well,
but foreigners don’t?

Maybe foreigners don’t know much about it…
except for a few famous composers
and original Bossa Nova styles.
But Bossa Nova is not just one style…
It branched out into a lot of different styles.

Great… Thanks a lot, Guilherme.

No problem.

Image credits: Pixabay.

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