What is the best time to visit Hainan?

Jessica, I know you always recommend
people to visit Hainan.

Yes, Hainan is one of the
most beautiful islands in China.
Visitors from all over the world
come here.

So, what is the best season
to visit Hainan?

Well, I guess…
I have to ask you first…
which season do you like most?
We all know that
there are four seasons in a year.
The same is true for Hainan.
But many people like to visit it
in winter.

Aha… so, winter is the best time?

Well, most people like spring too.
It’s not very hot, but also not cold.

All right.
What about summer?

Summer is the hottest
among the four seasons.
Some people in China don’t like it.
I don’t know if this is different in other counties.

So, it can get pretty hot in Hainan, too?

Yes, especially in the southern part
of the island.
It could get very hot in Sanya.
Most people will not visit Hainan
in summer.
Maybe Russian people will, ha-ha.
But summer is a good time to swim.

Beach in Haikou. Image by Ivan Walsh at Flickr, CC-BY

I see…
So, winter is the best time, right?

Yes, I think winter is the best time
to visit Hainan.
But Sanya can get crowded in winter
there is a lot of traffic.
It’s very cold
in other places around China.
There is one city with sunshine…
that’s Sanya.
I love Sanya in winter…
it’s warm, and you can swim.


So, I don’t think
we have four distinct seasons here…
at least, not everywhere in Hainan.
I mean… Sanya has only one season…
that’s summer.
The weather will not change…
it’s hot all year.

I see…

Hainan has many different places…
but Sanya is the only tropical city.
it’s the city you should visit in winter.
But as for other cities…
you can visit them anytime.
If you come here in summer,
you can visit the western part of Hainan.
explore the nature of the island.

Image by Ivan Walsh at Flickr, CC-BY

All right.
So, winter is not the only time
to visit Hainan?

That’s right.
I can’t really say which season is the best.
It depends on your preferences.
Every season offers different things
to see and to do here.
And the weather is not the only reason for you
to visit a place.

That’s right.

I wish you could have good experiences
in every city you visit in Hainan.

Thanks a lot, Jessica.
Appreciate your help.

No worries.

Now, it’s your turn…

What is the best time to visit your hometown/region?

Well… I am from…
The best time to visit… is…
I guess… it depends on what you like…
If you like…
it’s better to visit… in…
But if you enjoy…
then… is the best time to visit.

Head image: Beach in Sanya. See-ming Lee at Flickr, CC-BY