Why do you like to travel?

So, why do you like to travel?
Why do you recommend your friends to travel?

Why do I like to travel?
Let’s see… there are actually so many reasons.
There are many beautiful places
in the world I want to visit.

Right… I see…

Many people are dreaming about
traveling around the world.

Including yourself, right?

Yes, that would include myself, too.
If I have enough money and free time,
I want to go and see many places in the world.

So, what motivates you to go?

Well… life is a journey…
there’s no doubt about it.
You don’t need to care too much,
thinking where do you need to go,
or where do you belong.


You just need to decide what you do need to go.
Pick the place.
And just go.
It’s a heart trip.
It’s your soul that needs you to go.

I see.

Yes, someone said it. And I like this saying.
Traveling is more valuable than reading.
People think you can read thousands of books…
but you could just take one step
to go somewhere else instead…
see and enjoy the world out there.
And I totally agree with that.

I would certainly agree with that too.

These days many people live in a big city,
they have a lot of stress…
mostly at work.
Many of them want to get close to the nature,
get some fresh air… to relax,
that’s all they need.

Right, traveling does help them refresh their mind.

So, these are my reasons…
why do I wanna travel…
What about you?
Why do you want to travel?

Oh… definitely I have a lot of reasons too.
It’s the culture that fascinates me.
I really wanna learn more about…

Image credits: Pixabay