Queen of Geekdom #4: 10 Female Superhero Movies We Need

With filming on Wonder Woman coming to a close and recent news of a possible Black Widow film, what better time than now to talk about the amazing women of comic books, and the amazing films that their stories would make? I dug through my long boxes to bring you my top ten choices for future female superhero movies!

10. Beyonce

Alright, alright! I know she’s not a “superhero” in the most classical sense of the word, but give her a mask and a cape and she’s basically a cooler version of Batman. Well, if Batman were a self-made millionaire with Black Girl Magic and, y’know, an unbelievable amount of talent and smarts. A Superhero movie about Beyonce would not only rake in the big bucks, but would be a fun challenge for any writer or director. Beyonce would, of course, play herself, and maybe we can get Ava DuVernay to do a Superhero movie after all?

9. Scarlet Witch

A superhuman with the power to destroy buildings and enter people’s minds, a film about Scarlet Witch would feature cool, magic-driven action sequences and existential conflict about power and responsibility.

Dealing with teenage angst, the pressure of being an Avenger and coming-of-age as a super human would make an amazing movie. (Also, we’d finally get to see a female superhero with a non-sexualized fighting costume! Congratulations, everyone, sexism is over!)

If Elizabeth Olsen would come back to the role, get Diablo Cody to write it! With her brilliant blend of humor and heart, she would understand the Scarlet Witch in a completely new, enlightening way.

8. Raven

One of the Teen Titans, Raven is an Empath whose other badass powers include teleporting and moving her soul-self, which can separate from her body. Though most of her storylines include her with the other Teen Titans, a Spider-Man-like story about Raven discovering her powers while dealing with high school life would finally give teenage girls a superhero to identify with! Over the years, she’s had several love interests- the most notable, probably, being Beast Boy- so we could even let men be the love interests for a change!

Furthermore, imagine a movie where a young super hero is mentored by the one and only Wonder Woman. If the DC movie universe is going to explode all canon, then in this movie, she could be out of control and need help with her powers, only to have Wonder Woman come to her aid! Ladies helping Ladies is the best plot any movie can have, don’t you agree?

7. Kamala Khan

Speaking of superheroes to identify with, Marvel’s groundbreaking comic Miss Marvel would make an empowering and bold film, spitting in the face of all who say that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to live in this country, or who are dangerous. Following a young Muslim named Kamala Khan, it deals not only with the responsibilities that come with saving the world and having super powers, but also the importance of honoring your own history and culture, no matter what anyone might do or say. If Marvel truly wants to honor their commitment to diversifying their slate of heroes, Miss Marvel would be a great place to start!

With Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy- a director who was the first Pakistani to win the Oscar as well as the first Pakistani to win an Oscar twice- behind the camera, and perhaps Afshan Azad playing Kamala, the story would hinge on authenticity and personal investment, making it not only a fun film to watch, but an emotionally investing one as well.

6. Peggy Carter

Okay, picture this. Steve Rogers doesn’t survive the Project Rebirth Injection. After it fails, Doctor Erksine looks at Peggy Carter and realizes that the perfect candidate has been right in front of him all along! Strong, capable, assured Peggy Carter undergoes the Super Soldier transition and becomes… Captain America! Defeating Nazis and Sexism everywhere she goes, her movie would indulge in all of the fun glamor of a 1940’s period piece while highlighting just how bad ass a female Captain America would be.

5. Wasp

Many fans were disappointed in the lack of Wasp in Marvel’s most recent Ant-Man feature, so why not celebrate her with her own stand-alone movie? With her background in STEM and her incredible powers- flying and super stinging among them-on the big screen, she would inspire a whole generation of young girls.

Though she is currently named in the Ant-Man sequel (imaginatively titled “Ant-Man and The Wasp), isn’t it high time that someone as powerful and iconic as Wasp finally gets to stop playing second fiddle to all of the male characters in her life?

4. Storm

With the debut of the new, white-mohawked Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse and the recent appearance of her comic-verse husband, The Black Panther, in Captain America: Civil War, Storm has been blowing up the twittersphere, and for good reason. A descendant of powerful African Priestesses, she can fly, manipulate the weather and control lightning bolts with her hands.

We have yet to see a woman of color anchor her own Superhero franchise, and one as powerful and complex as Storm certainly deserves the honor. Not only does she deserve the honor, a character like Storm can handle and lead her own franchise.

Perhaps Halle Berry and newcomer Alexandra Shipp could pull double-duty, playing both young and older Storm, to give some sense of the character’s history and longevity.

3. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

I can already hear you fanboys complaining as you sip your Slurpees, “Uh, ACTUALLY, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are not SUPERHEROES, so your little list is invalid.” I know that they aren’t superheroes, but with Suicide Squad bringing Harley Quinn back into the cultural zeitgeist, I think it’s time for her and Poison Ivy to team up again, just as they’ve done in the past. In spite of all of the stink around Ivy for her appearance in Batman and Robin, I think the character has a rich history and personality that could contribute to a buddy film with Harley.

Though others would vehemently disagree with me, I’ve never believed or understood Harley Quinn to be a particularly feminist character (after all, her entire existence is based around a man, and a crazy one at that), but she is an iconic one, who is beloved by both men and women alike. And I know that WB has put forward a Harley Quinn stand-alone movie. So, if she were to team up with Poison Ivy to take down the women-hating men of Gotham (think Kill Bill meets Deadpool), then I’d be on board faster than you can say “puddin’.”

Margot Robbie is killing it in the all of Suicide Squad’s trailers, so bring her and Evan Rachel Wood on to anchor this thing, and you’ve got every fanboy and fangirls’ dream. Would Quentin Tarantino be available to direct? He’s got to get his hands on a superhero movie at some point, right?

2 . She-Hulk

Though an embarrassingly pandering chick-lit novel regarding the She-Hulk came out in 2013 to little success, if Marvel can make Guardians of the Galaxy a success, then they can make She-Hulk a success.

C’mon, it’s all about a female rage monster trying to make it as a small-time New York lawyer. I’m thinking Erin Brokovich meets Sex and the City meets The Avengers. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

1. Faith

With the success of Chronicle, an original movie that had no source material, it stands to reason that a comic not coming from DC or Marvel could make serious money at the box office. Faith is a different pick for this list, but she is my favorite. Published in early 2016, it follows a plus-sized superhero named Faith, who suddenly gets super powers and is generally a happy person. If you can imagine the human embodiment of the opposite of Zack Snyder’s film universe, it would be Faith.

While Faith’s size would be an exciting push for diversity and visibility in a genre that only like their women with impossibly small waists, impossibly big breasts and clothes they probably had to sew themselves into, the thing that would be most exciting about Faith is that she’s just like the nerds who watch her. She’s obsessed with science fiction and fantasy, she loves comic books, and then she one day gets super powers! It’s would be a fun wish-fulfillment for all comic book fans, the kind that reminds us that ANYONE can be a superhero.

So…. What do you think? What female superhero do you want to see dominate the big screen? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @alysmurr!

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