How To Speak Canadian [The Full List]

Feb 9, 2018 · 2 min read

A couple months ago, I moved to Toronto, Canada. Even though I speak English fluently and lived in the States for more than a decade, I found myself struggling to pronounce many “Canadian” words. 🇨🇦

For example: Toronto‘s “Times Square” is the Yonge-Dundas Square. Yonge? Is that Yonjee or Yongay? Neither, it’s Young.

Also, Queens Quay, Quayside and Quay West are streets and neighbohoods in Toronto — but how do you say Quay? Apparently it’s just Key.

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Here’s the full list of words and how they’re pronounced:

Toronto — Tron-OH
Quay — Key
Bloor — Blue-er
Strachan — STRAW-n (‘cha’ are silent)
Wellesley — WELLZ-li
Trethewey -TREH-thoo-wee
Yonge — Young
Euclid — YOU-clid
Dupont — Doo-pont
Geoffrey — Jeffery
Tecumseth — Tek-CUM-see
Etobicoke — Eetoe-Bee-Ko
Grosvenor — GROVE-ner
Roncesvalles — Ron-SEZ-vale or “Roncey”
Eglinton — Eg-lin-ton
Sherbourne — Sher-burn
Vaughan — Von
Glencairn — Glen-kar-n
Dufferin — Duff-er-in
Shuter — Shooter
Spadina — Spa-DIE-nah
Gloucester — GLOSH-ter
Adelaide — Ad-a-laid
Ossington — OZ-ing-ton
Dundas — Done-dass
Mississauga — Mrs. Saw-ga
Glencairn — Glen-care-n
Osgoode — OZ-good
Sheppard = shepherd
Wroxeter = rock-sitter
Kensington = kens-ing-tin
Kew Beach = Q beach
Regina = Ree-ji-nah
Scarborough =Scar-BRO

Um so how do I pronounce the pronunciations?
If a pause is necessary, it is indicated by a space. If it’s hyphenated, it means the syllables blend together. If it’s been capitalized, that’s the part you emphasize more than the rest”

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