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The Search for Fundamental Particles by Canadian Scientists

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

The Globe and Mail talked about the search for new particles by Canadian scientists.

With 10 quadrillion high-energy collisions in the world’s largest particle accelerator, there may be some answers to questions about the potential for other missing fundamental particles in thee Standard Model of Particle Physics or elsewhere. This raises questions.

The questions about the potential for discoveries by Canadian scientists and researchers through international collaboration. “Canada is one of dozens of countries participating in the project, which will eventually see the collider’s performance increase tenfold by the middle of the next decade,” CBC News stated, “Researchers hope the higher number of collisions that result will increase the likelihood that they will spot some extremely rare clues to a more fundamental theory of matter than the current standard model of particle physics.”

The TRIUMF accelerator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, associate director Oliver Krestor, talked about this as the next big stage in the work of the LHC. The LHCm or the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland empirically verified the existence of the Higgs Boson.

There seems not much left to see for the Standard Model of Particle Physics. However, as things have progressed, there has been hope to develop a theoretical and eventually empirical framework for the incorporation of dark matter into the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

“The situation has perplexed physicists who are looking to replace the standard model with a new theory that can encompass dark matter, a substance whose existence has been inferred by astronomers through its gravitational influence on stars and galaxies, but that has never been directly detected,” the article explained.

The Director-General of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti, wants to find the smallest potential deviation from the current evidence to see if there are other portions not accounted for in current theorization.

“The LHC works by accelerating protons in two opposing beams around a 27-kilometre-long circular tunnel. The beams cross at only four points where protons that are travelling at nearly the speed of light can collide and release enough energy to spontaneously form new particles, such as the Higgs,” the reportage explained, “These decay in an instant, but they leave their traces in the building-size detectors built around the collision points. Canada supplied hardware for one of those detectors, called ATLAS, and is currently developing new components for an intermediate upgrade that will begin after the beams are shut down for two years starting in November.”

It is a complicated affair. The round of data gathering take place between 2021 and 2023 with the overhaul happening to incorporate a more potentially groundbreaking series of experiments through the collider’s superconducting magnets being replaced.

The purpose is to increase the amount of data coming from the experiment of the collider. 150 researchers work at the LHC. They are working for the improvement in the future of the particle physics research.

(Updated September 28, 2016)

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