Desvarios, the collaboration of Javier Flores “El Indio” with Agustín Carbonell “El Bola”.

We joined the Sevillian Cantaor Javier Flores in conversation to remember this collaboration, while he was giving final touches to his new album.

In conversation with Javier Flores, we learned that this collaboration was done with the purpose of experimenting and expanding the reach of ​​performance towards rhythms such as jazz. In this work, the cantaor tones each of his notes with the traditional colors of flamenco singing.

By getting to know a little about Javier, we learned that he is affectionately known in the flamenco world as ‘El Indio’, a nickname given by his father, also that he is solid singer, renowned for his great human quality. Javier has an extensive career in traditional Flamenco art, including his participation in the most prestigious flamenco festivals such as The Jodhpur Flamenco & Gypsy Festival 2015, the XX Festival de Jerez 2016, Osaka and Tokyo — Japan 2014 & 2015, Saint Petersburg — Russia 2015 among others.

Javier Flores | “Palo”Film’s Poster

In his career, the cantaor has shared the stage with recognized flamenco artists such as Master Remedios Amaya, Falete, Rafael de Carmen, Junco, Susana Casas, La Lupi Bailaora, Bobote, El Bareta, La Tana, Potito, Farruca, El Carpeta and Duquende, among others. Flores, has also ventured into the seventh art in the leading role for the film ‘Palo’ under the direction of filmmaker Ernane Alves.
At the moment of our conversation, Javier was in Malaga, finalizing the details of his new album, he shared with us his travel plans to fulfill his commitments in Seville, Valladolid and France, where he has confirmed dates for 2017. The artist also shared about his recent experience in Barcelona , where he performed at ‘El Tablao Cordobés’, along with Karime Amaya, Jesus Carmona and Farruco, the guitarists David Cerreduela, ‘El Tuto’, and the singers Juan Manzano ‘Coco’ and Antonio Campos ‘Bocadillo’.

Javier said goodbye, transmitting the excitement with which he is working, how grateful he is to be able to do it, and how eager he is to introduce his proposal to his supportive audience. We look forward to hearing each of the songs that will be part of this talented singer’s first record.

‘Desvarios’ | Javier Flores with Agustin Carbonell “El Bola”

“Desvarios” | Javier Flores Collaboration with Agustin Carbonel “El Bola”
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