Fly through chemotherapy


Whether you like it or not, Cancer will change you. You might as well have a song dedicated to your transformation.

The chemotherapy day spa, (otherwise known as the infusion centre), is an opportunity to put on comfy clothes and a full face of makeup and pump this song out. This song helped me find gratitude for the drug therapy. It has a heavy beat and immediately motivates me.

When this song plays, I know it is a time to focus on my internal power, my resilience.
 I played it on repeat the day of infusion and every day during radiation.

 If there is a song that is going to get you transforming quickly, it is going to be one titled by the mythical creature of transformation. Pete Wentz, bass guitarist for Fallout Boy said this song is about when you feel full of everything but fear. Those days when you are in-between adult and child (when you can’t be charged or wear hand me down clothes). A bit like the transformation that happens during chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. It’s not before cancer, it’s not after cancer, and you have to go through it to move towards where you want to go.

The Phoenix might be a mythical creature, but the effects of the song are very real. I dare you to play it and not feel powerful.

Here is another song to get you moving. A song that feels like freedom

Originally published at on February 17, 2016.